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Model: SCX1000A-3

Power and productivity boosts confidence

The goal was to make valuable contributions in various fields around the world. To achieve this, HSC created a whole new benchmark for crawler cranes.

The result is powerful and smooth work capabilities, backed with advanced operations; highly-efficient transportation and assembly; eco-friendly with great fuel economy. And of course safety and reliability are paramount.

Designed with peace of mind to boost confidence, the ideal crawler crane is now available.

Behold the "SCX1000A-3"making its global mark for a new generation. This new benchmark is set to take the world, business, and even the future, to all new hights.


Engine Rated Power (kW)


Maximum lift capacity (t×m)

100 x 3.8

Maximum boom length (m)


Max boom + fly jib (m)

51 +28

Max line pull (kN)


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