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Model: SCX1500A-3

Lift the world

The goal was to make valuable contributions in various fields around the world. To achieve this, HSC created a whole new benchmark for crawler cranes.

With outstanding workability and high-precision operation, these cranes have the potential to increase efficiency of transportation and assembly. 

The new benchmark has been widely improved - from an environmentally-friendly design and great fuel economy, through to the latest in safety and reliability.

Performance that provides comfortable operation to generate value in the lifting world. Behold the "SCX1500A-3" making its global mark for a new generation.

This new benchmark is set to take the world, business, and even the future, to all new highs.


Engine rated power (kW)


Maximum lift capacity (t×m)

150 x 4.5

Maximum boom length (m)


Max boom + fly jib (m)

63 + 28

Max line pull (kN)


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