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ZX300LC-6 / ZX300LCN-6

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Model: ZX300LC-6 / ZX300LCN-6

The ZX300LC-6 incorporates unique Hitachi technology that has been specially developed for the Zaxis-6 medium excavator range. This innovative model has been created with the highest level of performance, but without compromising on the increasing demand for operational efficiency.The result is the ultimate excavation machine, reinforcing Hitachi’s reputation for the quality of its engineering and the durability of its products. The ZX300LC-6 is the epitome of reliability, with incredibly versatile features that highlight its suitability for a wide range of industry solutions.


Model code

ZX300LC-6 / ZX300LCN-6

Engine rated power

197kW (ISO14396)

Operating weight

29 900 – 32 300 kg

Backhoe bucket ISO heaped

1.00 – 1.62 m³

Max. digging depth

6 530 - 7 220

Bucket digging force at Power boost (kN) ISO

202 kN

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