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Global e-Service

Customers and dealers can use Global e-Service to review and share data on each Zaxis-3 and Zaxis-5 excavator to manage the fleet of machines remotely. The online facility also helps the dealer to proactively advise the customer on preventative maintenance and related special offers.

Information is available 24/7 and the data is updated daily via GPRS or satellite technology. This includes technical specifications, fuel consumption and history, maintenance, location and operational statistics. It helps you to reduce running costs, plan jobs efficiently and keep up-to-date with machine maintenance – to ensure optimum performance and minimal downtime.

This information helps you to:

  • monitor and operate your Hitachi fleet remotely and effectively
  • access technical specifications, statistics on fuel consumption and machine history
  • check CO2 emissions data to ensure compliance with your local government restrictions
  • pinpoint the exact location of your machine on a 3D map, resulting in more efficient maintenance planning
  • efficiently plan maintenance activities, ensuring optimum performance and helping to minimise downtime.

Hitachi Online Parts

Hitachi Online Parts (HOP) is the online catalogue containing all the Hitachi parts you may need for your Hitachi machines. 

Owner’s Site

The Global e-Service menu “Owner’s Site” gives you access to your machines’ data, such as meter readings, location, fuel consumption figures, CO2 emissions and more. 


Protect your investment with e‑Guard - a tool to prevent theft of your machine. 


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Model: Global e-Service

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